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Saturday 29 September 2012

South Pole Santa - Back to Christmas by Dennis Canfield


Oh, how much did I love this.  It’s fun, it’s seasonal, it’s feel-good, it’s entertaining, and it just smacks a smile on your face from start to finish.

Marmel is Santa’s head labelling elf.  But he is a very, very worried elf.  He has no one to put on his naughty list.  And if there’s no one to put onto his naughty list, then Christmas is surely going to come to end.  He is utterly convinced that the Krumwerth family are candidates for the list, but Santa seems to be in a very benevolent mood.  So, to please Santa and with the help of Santa’s brother and his merry band of penguins and some extraordinary green powder, Marmel, after some hair-raising trips between the North and South pole (you wouldn’t believe how quick it can be) does his best to transform the Krumwerths from button-pushing, electronic-gizmo-compulsive, uncommunicative beings to…well, you need to find out yourselves.

This is a delightful short story for everyone of all ages, from 8 to 80.  It’s beautifully written, it’s cute, it’s funny, and there’s quite a subtle little message within.  There are some very appealing illustrations peppered throughout.

If you’re having an ‘I hate Christmas’ moment in the hustle and bustle of the lead up to the holidays, take a break, sit down for an hour and prepare to be enchanted.

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