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Sunday 3 June 2012

Cruel Justice by Mel Comley

I’ve been kicking myself for burying this book in my TBR list.  As Book Four has just come out, I decided I really ought to try and catch up, as I now have three more waiting for me in the series.  I can’t wait to read them; I have become an instant fan of DI Lorne Simpkins.

A book bodes well for me if I’m smitten within the first couple of pages – and this was one of those books.  The book starts with a somewhat sadistic scene in a prologue giving you a taste of what DI Simpkins will have to deal with, and this is then contrasted with a domestic scene hinting that her marriage and home life is a tad rocky.

Simpkins and her team have a gruesome serial killer on their hands after four women are found murdered and dismembered.  They not only have to find the link between the four and reasons for their demise, but when things get start to get personal between the killer and Simpkins, it becomes even more imperative to find him before he harms not just other women, but friends and family close to Simpkins.  Her professional life is somewhat compounded by a change of chief, when he is replaced by someone with whom she had an ‘intimate’ past.

If that wasn’t enough, her determination to get the job done isn’t helped by a husband who is frustrated and a little jealous of her job and achievements when it is he who has to stay at home and be the wife.

This is what I loved about this book.  There was a perfect balance between Simpkins’ unpleasant job of finding deranged criminals and her personal life, having to juggle a job (and promotion) she loves and is committed to, and a husband and daughter she loves.  There was a credible and natural relationship with her crimestopping team and although she fills you with confidence and know that she will find the murderer, you are kept guessing to a climactic finish.  Equally compelling was how things pan out at home.

I thought the closing scenes were well thought out – the loose ends were neatly tied up, with just a little teaser to tempt you on to Book Two.  Not that I need much temptation.  Mel has an easy-to-read but engaging style and writes a compelling thriller.  I’m going to sneak Impeding Justice out of my TBR as soon as I can.

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Cathy. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it and are willing to read other books in the series.