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Thursday 9 February 2012

Jema's Sexual Fantasies by July Hunter

Well, there’s absolutely no doubt what this short story is about!  It is indeed about Jema’s sexual fantasies.

Jema is a 40-year-old (how very refreshing that she is not your stereotyped, young and nubile heroine!), who has recently moved to an Alaskan town. One evening, she sees a droolworthy, tall and sexy male passenger at the airport where she works as a security official.  Not having made many friends yet – of the male variety in particular - things develop rather rapidly and sizzlingly from there.

The tale is short, but there is no lack of hot, hot, hot action  - and the question is, are Jema’s fantasies realised?

The short erotic tale is neat, compact, full of steam, passion, lust and desire.  There are only two characters of any significance – Jema and her fantasy man – but it is a short story and these two fill the pages very adequately, thank you!  A nicely rounded page sizzler with a promise of more of Jema’s fantasies to come.

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