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Monday 5 December 2011

Chill Run by Russell Brooks

This was a fun thriller by Russell Brooks:  This was a fun thriller by Russell Brooks. The story, set around Montreal, Canada, revolves around Eddie, a struggling writer.  He is disheartened by his poor e-book sales and even more despondent when his novel is rejected by two publishing houses.  His parents are unsupportive, his girlfriend has cheated on him and his best friend (and flatmate), Corey, owes him rent.  Could it get any worse?  Oh, indeed it could—he gets laid off from his job at a book store.  Corey’s girlfriend, Jordyn is a ‘femdom’, a dominatrix, when she is not waitressing; a lucrative side-line which will enable her to save up enough money to buy her own café.  As this little side-line introduces her to all sorts of high-profile people, she suggests that Eddie could do worse than be a ‘maledom’ for one night.  A publicity stunt can bring attention to both participants…what better way to get his name ‘in lights’?

When he is finally persuaded, poor Eddie finds himself with more than just public exposure.  He's on the run with Corey and Jordyn; the pursuant ‘police’ are determined to catch up with them with more than handcuffs and a slap on the wrist in mind.

This is an enjoyable, fast-paced thriller with likeable characters set in the cold harshness of a Canadian winter.  The dialogue between Eddie, Corey, and Jordyn is just what you would expect from three best friends who have known each other for a long time—it’s jovial banter which often raises a smile.  Hapless Eddie is easy to empathise with, and the brotherly bond between him and Corey goes back to when they first met, as young teenagers, in an incident which could have ended considerably less than happily for Eddie.  The action and characters were all well-described and portrayed.  Russell’s style is light and easy to read.  I liked the use of French dialogue—it helped to integrate the setting into its French-Canadian backdrop.

A lively and entertaining story.

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