Friday, 26 August 2011

Murder on the Boulevard by Kori Donahue

Set in 1950 Hollywood, Bobbi, a pretty, young, law firm secretary falls for her boss’s handsome visitor when he calls in to the firm’s offices wishing to speak to her boss urgently.  It’s not long before he has dragged her into a nefarious world of prostitution.  At the same time a serial killer is on the loose, murdering girls bearing names of famous 50s actresses.  Two detectives are committed to finding the killer.  Bobbi’s and their lives become intertwined in the hunt for this sadistic killer – along the way, there’s love, lust, infidelity and……tragedy.  The book is fast-paced and the chase keeps you hooked.  Will justice be served on the poor innocent victims?  Will the detectives be able to put this case to bed if and when they catch this nasty piece of work?  One of these questions is answered, the other is in a sequel.

The author’s style is uncomplicated and very easygoing.  A little touching up needs to be done to presentation, but otherwise it’s a quick and easy read.  However, I would have liked the author to answer all the questions rather than be forced to read the sequel to find out what happens when a new character appears towards the end to throw a new spanner into the works.

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