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Thursday 25 August 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For by Sibel Hodge

I love it when a book has you page turning by page 2 and this Amber Fox mystery certainly did.  There is never a dull moment and she is a very amiable character.  Her slightly chaotic, even scatty, exterior cloaks a head-screwed-on, worldly and shrewd ex-policewoman.  She is, of course, pretty and slim with the enviable dilemma of having to decide between two gorgeous hunks.  But then, she IS the heroine, so these qualities are a must !  I was momentarily very slightly crestfallen when it was apparent that the story was centred around boxing - one of my least favourite sports - but, that moment passed very quickly, as Sibel only uses it as a setting for the perpetrators and never goes into detailed technicalities of the sport.  

The story is fast-paced with just enough characters to make it intriguing but not too many to lose track of who is/does what !  I love Sibel's easy going style and she makes it very easy to identify with Amber's thoughts and ponderings.  The fate of each (living!) character is nicely tied up, as is Amber's own - Sibel can be trusted to guide you to a very satisfactory conclusion.   The characters’ names are a tad corny but that aside, this is a thoroughly enjoyable chicklit – if you have already read Amber Fox, this will not disappoint and if you have not, welcome to her world, you will want to read more

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