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Monday 29 April 2024

End of Story by A. J. Finn


This wasn't my cup of tea. I dislike present-tense narrative intensely. It destroys nearly every good book and it doesn't work here; secondly, the formatting is abysmal. There are virtually no scene breaks, so it's like a seriously bad case of head-hopping. Scenes change in the next sentence, not even the next paragraph. Lastly, there just aren't enough dialogue tag lines, so I just couldn't keep up with who was speaking. (See 'About the book' below.)

Even if I could have put up with all that, sadly, I just couldn't gel with the book. It was tedious, rather convoluted and hard to keep up with. The POV change at the end was confusing too. Nicky's character went from third to first POV. There was quite a twist at the end, but like the rest of book, overwrung. It was as if one twist wasn't enough, so the author chucked in another couple, by which time it just got a bit silly.

I'm not a DNF person, and I suppose I was interested enough to see it through to the end, but I didn't pick up my Kindle with relish, eager to continue. It was more of a, 'I suppose I should finish this to see how it all pans out'.

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