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Friday 22 March 2024

The Final Hours of Muriel Hinchcliffe M.B.E by Claire Parkin


I wonder how many people are old enough (one of whom would be me!) to remember the very dark, rather lurid, psychological horror film 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane' because it kept popping into my head as I was reading this. It's many many degrees removed from this, of course, but there is just a teensy essence of similarity. 

We have two women, 'friends' since childhood, one now in a wheelchair, living together in their dotage, but who actually aren't very friendly to each other at all. They are both rather toxic and not wholly likeable and you do, albeit a bit uncharitably, consider they are actually well suited to each other. (Full synopsis here)

It makes for difficult reading sometimes, but, it is deliciously dark and twisted and well written. I didn't foresee the ending…the 'gosh, I didn't see that coming' finale is invariably the icing on a cake of a good read.

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