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Friday 6 May 2022

The Wedding Guest by Jonathan Kellerman

I haven't read any of Jonathan Kellerman's books before. I will read more. So, of course, neither have I read the thirty-three preceding Alex Delaware thrillers. I will read more.

It wasn't five-star perfect, however. One character seemed to have aged about fifteen years within two pages. Probably a typo, but one that should have been picked up, along with instances of the very irritating misuse of the apostrophe: I get very irritated when they are used to pluralise. Again, something that should have been spotted in proofreading.

Nevertheless, this is a good crime thriller that has you ping-ponging between all the characters wondering on whom to hang the guilty label, as Alex Delaware, a child psychologist and consultant to the L.A. police, and his detective ally, Detective Milo Sturgis, seek to find who killed a young girl at a wedding.

I enjoyed being kept on my toes, as well as the rapport and banter between Alex and Milo, testament to their comfortable, long-standing relationship. I was especially impressed by the fact that not once did I feel at sea for not having read any of the forerunners.

I'm now off to add thirty-three books to my Amazon wishlist.

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