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Tuesday 5 April 2022

Something to Tell You by Lucy Diamond


This is a delightful story about family, its ups and downs, its secrets, its surprises and overall, its unbreakable bond.

I'm not familiar with Lucy Diamond's work, and this was my first encounter with her. Easy to read, you are drawn into the story and its characters from the start: the Mortimer family, comprising of 50-years-married Mum and Dad, their four children and grandchildren. It's a large family, and most of the adults have their own narrative POV. They weave adeptly through the story, and it's not hard to become emotionally involved with them all. The characters are multi-faceted and likeable.

The ending is a little rushed and just a teeny weeny bit predictable, but this in no way affected my enjoyment. I'm certainly going to be reading more of this author. There's a cosiness and feel-good aura about her writing, and you can't help getting to the last page with an 'awww'. And we all need a dose of feel-good from time to time.

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