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Wednesday 1 December 2021

Birth of the Angel by Conal O'Brien


If a book, with no warning at all, ends with a 'to be continued', I get quite narked: it's an author's over-confidence that I'm going to want to read another book by him/her.

In this case, the author very respectfully tells you in the title that this is the first of a two-parter. And that's quite all right: I knew what I was getting into. Only, now, I'm really, really impatient to read the second part!

This is a brilliant and sophisticated thriller. All the usual suspects feature in it: theft, murder, tragedy, drugs, deception, manipulation.  There's also a  dark and seedy cult (for want of a better word:  the members are really just a bit deranged), and just to make it more prescient, the wretched Covid is thrown in!

It's perfectly crafted, with varied, excellent, well-developed characters, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I need Book 2 to be ready and available very quickly!

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