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Tuesday 12 October 2021

The Hunted by Jo McCready

This is a well-written and well-thought-out thriller, and although it's fairly easy, at an early stage, to work out how the victim died, it's compelling right to the end.

It's an intriguing story about the mysterious death of a wealthy businessman on a hunting trip in the Scottish highlands. A tragic accident is the verdict that is completely unacceptable to his widow, whose brother employs a virtually untraceable agency specialising in just this sort of investigation. Agent RJ Rox is assigned the case. And it's a tricky one, not least because Scotland holds some bad memories for her, and she and her co-investigator have some rather awkward history.

Scotland is a beautiful backdrop to any story, but I didn't feel it: there isn't enough scenic description to transport you to the really magical countryside that Scotland has, and perhaps the Scottish locals' dialogue could have had some Scottish spelling and words to get a feel of the lilt. But that really is my only niggle. The pace is fast, the main characters are strong and interesting and oh, what was that on the last page…a teensy little lead-in for an RJ thriller #2?

I do hope so: McCready has created a character in RJ you want to get to know better and find out what makes her tick. I'm ready and waiting for #2.

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