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Sunday 28 February 2021

And So It Begins by Rachel Abbott


Gosh…twisty, turny, tortuous, tense!

This is a psychological thriller, and talk about the 'tangled web we weave'! Sergeant Stephanie King is called out to a domestic at a famous photographer's house, where she finds two bodies covered in blood on a bed and tangled…with each other and the sheets. And so begins a peeling of layers, not just the strata that led to this particular moment, but the slow unravelling of what's to come.

This really is a compelling tale with matchsticks-in-the-eyes addiction guaranteed. It's a constant juggle of characters as you try to fathom who's lying, who's telling the truth, who's the victim, who's the criminal. Just when you think you've got the rhythm, a ball drops and you have to rethink. Totally brilliant, cleverly plotted and tinged with just a smidge of menace. The chop and change of the tenses didn't enamour me that much, but the skilful writing and excellent characterisation meant it wasn't long before the present-tense narrative, which I hate with a vengeance, and I jogged along as friends.

My first Rachel Abbott book and the first Sergeant Stephanie King mystery. I'm smitten by both. Not knowing much about the author, I was thrilled to bits to find she's got a number of books tucked up her sleeve, and I have every confidence I'll be as enthralled and captivated as I was by this one.

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