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Friday 31 July 2020

The Friend by Dorothy Koomson

I haven't read anything by this author before. And I'm mightily impressed. The Friend has an excellent plot and some really meaty characters. However, my heart sank right into the heels of my shoes when I discovered it's written in the present-tense narrative. A fantastic book spoilt by this odious trend. It just doesn't work. I got over it, eventually, but my irritation ran at low ebb throughout. 

Some reviews have likened this to Big Little Lies. I have no idea why, it's nothing like it. 

Cece and her family move to Brighton with her husband's promotion, only to find that the new posh school her children are attending is in the wake of a tragedy: a prominent parent, Yvonne, is fighting for her life after being found battered in the school grounds. New town, new school and Cece has to try and find new friends in a very undesirable atmosphere. But three mums welcome her into their 'circle'. Just when she thinks the upheaval was worth it, one of detectives on the case…who also happens to be an old flame…suspect one of the trio and puts Cece into an intolerable position, asking her to 'spy' on the three. 

This is very well written and ticks all the boxes for suspense and mystery. It really is a page turner. I certainly read this through movie eyes: this has to hit the big screen. The main characters are gritty, interesting, multi-dimensional and very well portrayed. 

Will I read any more of this author's novels? I really, really want to…Koomson certainly knows how to write a captivating and absorbing book…but only if the present-tense narrative has been well and truly vamoosed.

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