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Thursday 9 May 2019

Tubing by KA McKeagney

My oh my, this is a thriller and a half. I wasn't sure at first: I wasn't expecting the erotic element...erotica isn't one of my top genres. (Should have read the blurb properly!) But it was secondary to the dark, twisted, psychological thriller this turned out to be: gripping to the very last word, with some surprises I never expected.

Sex on a crowded tube train with a stranger. Tubing. No names exchanged, travellers too engrossed with their newspapers/books/phones to notice what the couple in the corner is up to. Seems like adrenalin-fuelled, slightly dangerous fun to Polly: she's in a dead-end job, in a staid relationship with very, very, very nice Oliver, a successful surgeon. If she's enjoying it, if she's not getting found out, then it's okay, isn't it? 

But then it all goes horribly, horribly wrong. What on earth has she got herself into and why, why has she risked losing everything that was good, settled, secure?

Brilliantly executed, brilliantly written, I can't wait to see what McKeagney comes up with next.

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