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Wednesday 27 March 2019

Mine by Susi Fox

One thing's for sure: if I ever go to Australia, I'm going to make jolly sure I don't end up in hospital. Because if they're anything like the one portrayed in this book, I think I'd plump for the alternative outcome of whatever necessitated hospitalisation. I really, really can't believe hospitals…maternity ones in particular…are that draconian or the staff that unprofessional. Thank god for the NHS.

The poor woman who's fallen victim to this Victorian treatment is Sasha, who, after an emergency premature birth, doesn't believe the baby is hers and has been switched: accidentally or intentionally. But no one takes her fears seriously, apart from her best friend, and she's therefore transferred to what is, basically, the psychiatric section of the hospital. There are a few twists and turns before the rather unbelievable end.

What keeps running through your mind is: a DNA test by the hospital would be the obvious solution, but for some reason, is deemed unnecessary by the doctor in charge. And I suppose it would be a very short book and not a rather repetitive one.

Oddly compelling, strangely enough, but somewhat implausible: a decent plot whose potential is wasted.


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