Friday 21 September 2018

I'm a Little Brain-dead by Kimberly Davis Basso

It doesn’t feel quite right to say this was hilarious. An account of a forty-four-year-young woman’s experience of a stroke shouldn’t be funny, should it? Shouldn’t it be sad, unfortunate, hopeful, informative, inspiring? Well, it’s all those things. But, BUT…Basso has a wicked, wicked sense of humour which she injects into this diary of her unpleasant experience. Hilarious yes, but you laugh WITH her, not at her.
I don’t read many books like this…so, not only to be persuaded but then actually enjoy them means they must be special.

Once you get over the shock of someone so young (a fact shared by pretty much all the medical staff who treated Basso) having a stroke, you sit very comfortably by Basso as she relates the months from her post-breakfast trauma and her journey through treatment and recovery.

She shrouds virtually the whole thing in a veil of comedy but puts her serious hat on at the end to spell out what such an event entails and what you can learn from it.

Basso writes very articulately, but at the same time, there's an endearing chattiness in her narrative ,and you almost feel Basso is there beside you telling you all about it.  She's wonderfully witty...I'd love to meet her.
This really was a pleasure to read.


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