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Friday 21 September 2018

If He Wakes by Zoe Lea

I discovered after reading this that it’s the author’s debut novel. Quite an entrance, Ms Lea!

Despite a teensy bit slow and repetitive start (compelling for all that), it eventually picks up pace and turns into a very confident, virtually unputdownable novel.

Rachel’s heart sinks when she unwittingly falls on a Twitter message on her laptop, arranging a romantic rendez-vous. Assuming it can only be her husband, she follows him to confirm her worst fears. What she sees, though, is much worse: his car involved in a hit and run. Did she really just witness her husband deliberately run someone over?

Her best friend and business partner, Suzie, has her own worries: her fiancé…whom Rachel never seems to be able to meet…appears to have gone awol, won’t answer her calls, and her credit card is being refused everywhere. And why is that very unpleasant man threatening her?

There are enough clues fairly early on to put two and two together. But your journey to four is truly gripping.

A very accomplished debut by Lea, and I hope to read more by her. I would recommend she gets herself a new editor, though. Missing ‘was sat’ and ‘was stood’ is very naughty...

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