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Friday 20 July 2018

Hearing Evil by Jason Parent

Reading the second book of series without reading the first is never a good idea. Whilst this book (the second in a series called Cycle of Evil), technically, does stand alone, I found it difficult to form a picture of the two main characters, Detective Sam Reilly and her ward, Michael. Their history and how he became her ward is an important part of their relationship and although, references are made, I think I would have benefitted from the full story. 

That said, there was plenty of distraction from that little detail in the form of some dramatic action scenes and some very good portrayals of some evil nasty criminals.

Michael has a gift…or is it a curse?...he can see people’s fates just by touching them. He also has fragments of memories he needs to piece together to help him understand the tragedy that occurred when he was a young boy. Sam has taken Michael into her care, but she’s a dedicated police officer and her maternal instincts are struggling to surface, especially when some brutal criminals are intent on pretty heavy-duty devastation. Michael, his past, Sam and both their futures suddenly become dangerously connected.

It’s certainly action-packed with nail-biting stuff aplenty. But I couldn’t get close to either Michael or Sam; I found it hard to feel any emotion of any kind for either. The ending does leave a door open for a third book, but I don’t feel this is a series that can run and run.

For all that, it's a decent read which I quite enjoyed. 

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