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Friday 6 April 2018

Soul Walk by Melissa Bowersock

Number seven in the Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud mysteries. I’ve enjoyed each and every one of this paranormal-investigator team's adventures, and until this point, I’d have been hard pressed to choose a favourite. But I think I can vote this one into first place. 

Each investigation is quite different from the last, and at the same time, Sam and Lacey’s relationship progresses…not necessarily without a few bumps along the way…but gently and positively, and it’s an enjoyable lining to the mantle of the main plots of each book. This latest investigation is a biggie in more ways than one: it’s going to be televised for a TV ghost series, which could lead to great things for the pair, but the two ghosts they've been commissioned to release have particularly tragic histories—one of them stirring some painful memories for Sam. Lacey and Sam have a sensationalist TV team to satisfy and difficult research to conduct for two cases, for which records are virtually non-existent. 

As always, Bowersock’s writing is fluid, smooth and cohesive. She always strikes the right balance between the concurrent story lines and each book leaves you wanting more. 

So, the good news is: there's book number 8.

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