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Tuesday 17 April 2018

Dark Game by Rachel Lynch

This excellent thriller exhausted me. I had many matchstick moments, desperately trying to keep awake late at night to read on and desperately wishing my eyes would read the words as quickly as the action was unfolding!

After being let down in the Met, by a colleague, D.I. Kelly Porter returns to her roots in the Lake District and transfers to the Cumbrian police force. If she thought crimes were going to be a bit milder here, she finds she’s very much mistaken. She reopens an old case…a distressing one involving the murder of a young child and at the same time investigates when a local businessman is found dead in a nearby hotel. Lottie’s case is heartbreaking but requires closure, especially for the mother, and the other is seemingly straightforward. But as Kelly digs into evidence in both cases, she discovers that crimes in Cumbria can be as far removed from mild than she ever imagined.

This is an exceptionally well-crafted plot...and extremely well characterised…from the devious, hideously perverted, amoral, seedy characters, to the innocent, virtuous and law-abiding. Whilst the criminals in this story are very likely not going to be seen again, Lynch left plenty of scope for further development of Kelly and her team in further stories. Don’t get me wrong…that doesn’t mean it was lacking in this one!

A terrific, gripping, fast-paced thriller…I sincerely hoped this was going to be the start of a long line of DI Kelly Porter instalments, so I was ecstatic to find I could pre-order the next one, due later this year.  A very very easy decision!



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