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Monday 11 December 2017

Dragon Walk by Melissa Bowersock

Well, really. There I was, in full mourning mode, after reading what I thought was the last Lacey and Sam book, when up pops number five! Quite threw me off kilter…ah, but was I glad. It seems the Lacey and Sam fan club just would not let them rest after their fourth mystery, so thank goodness for an author who listens. Cue Book 5 which sees our spirit hunters trying to solve a case that’s dumbfounded the police. 

A young marathon runner disappears suddenly on a regular morning run. All paths lead to either an ex-boyfriend or her current abusive one. It rests on Lacey and Sam to see if they can pick up any trails the police couldn’t. 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dying to find out how their relationship was panning out…we saw it get to a very satisfying level by the end of Book 4. So I really needed to find out if was all wine and roses. And the answer is: yes, I did find out.

This book is a good 100-150 pages shorter than its predecessors. But fans, never fear…Lacey and Sam are not lying low just yet. A sixth mystery is imminent. And that, is very good news.

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