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Tuesday 31 January 2017

A One Way Ticket to Dead by DV Berkom


The Kate Jones series is a literary espresso…a strong one! The novels give you a buzz, a fix, a wake-me-up as well as the real caffeinated stuff. 

This novel is the seventh Kate Jones novel. Unsurprisingly, her efforts to try and lead a normal life after years running from her evil drug-lord ex-boyfriend after one teensy little error of judgement (stealing rather a lot of money…) still hit rocky ground. Just when she thinks she can put the past behind her and allow a glimmer of hope to brighten her future by settling down, reality comes back and hits her with a jolt, in the form of an enemy from her past. And this time, not only is it close to home, the children of a former lover are involved. This time, the pressure is really on.

I love Berkom’s thrillers: they’re packed…to the brim…with action, heart-in-your-mouth suspense, thrills and chills, and are sheer delight from start to finish. Kate is sassy, resourceful, level-headed, funny and good-looking. Too good to be true? It might be if it weren’t for one thing…looking over her shoulder constantly is not funny. Will she ever be able to settle down with the love of her life and two point four children?

Selfishly, I hope not. The end of each Kate Jones book has me hoping avidly for another.

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