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Saturday 29 October 2016

The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge by Christine Nolfi


I didn’t go past ‘Go’ when I selected this book. I just went straight to my TBR. I didn’t remind myself what it was about…I relied on my judgement that if it was on my list, there was a very good reason for it. And I’m pleased to say I can still rely on my judgement. This was an excellent book.

However…I’m totally and utterly confused. In slightly reverse order, having  read and enjoyed the book, I was a little curious to see what the ‘blurb’ said. And therein I find there’s a character I haven’t even heard of. I really thought, well, that’s it. I’ve finally qualified for men-in-white-coats-ville. Further confusion reigned when I realise the other characters and…more importantly the plot…are identical. In short, my main character—Ourania—morphed into ‘Rennie’. What on earth?

Anyway…confusion aside (and at least the character didn’t change name during the story) this was a Very Good Book.

Secrets can change lives. They changed Ourania’s, a competent electrician…and fosterparent…they changed Troy’s, the eldest son of a rich and powerful family and the strain of keeping secrets change the lives of two young children. Secrets that are held by a magnificent old oak tree.

This is a powerful drama with strong, solid characters in a robust plot. There are twists and turns, and although I guessed the major twist fairly early on, Nolfi writes with such passion and compassion, intelligently and articulately, and the story builds to such a dramatic climax, it really didn’t matter.

I will certainly be checking out more books by this author, and I really wouldn’t mind catching up with Ourania (Rennie, whatever she’s supposed to be called) and Troy.

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