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Thursday 29 September 2016

The Lonely Mile by Allan Leverone

‘Walk on by’ would have been a good mantra for Bill Ferguson. A short stopover at a travellers’ plaza earmarks the beginning of a terrifying ordeal for Bill when he fudges a kidnap attempt by a serial killer, one who’s been on the police radar for over three years. Not a man to be crossed…ever…the killer exacts his revenge on Bill, the man who so very inconsiderately scotched his well-laid plans, in the most dreaded way any parent could imagine: he kidnaps Bill’s own daughter, Carli. Bill forges ahead with his own dramatic search for his daughter before she suffers at the hands of the sociopathic killer; after all, there’s the slightest hint of reticence on the part of the detective on the case. Odd, that...  But when he finally catches up with this evil man, he discovers that the killer is but a small cog in a much, much greater atrocity.

This was an excellent thriller that grabs you from page one. The chilling depiction of a serial killer plus the desperation of a father searching for his only daughter equals drama of nail-biting proportions. Brilliantly executed, well written with strong, solid, well-developed characters. 

This one’s hard to put down, I warn you! Highly recommended.

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