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Friday 16 September 2016

I Let You Go by Clare MacKintosh


This was quite a disturbing book, not particularly well written...or edited, for that matter...and littered with implausibility. And I found it a bit of a mess. Tackling three POVs is quite a feat, two in the first person, one in the third. But giving the two first-person POVs the present tense and the other the past tense was just messy and didn’t work. 

For all that, I was fairly committed to the story…for about 75% of the book…but then I just got irritated. I’m not too sure what the supposed ‘twists’ in the book were supposed to be…they’re fairly guessable early on.

A little boy is tragically killed in a hit and run. Jenna Gray tortures herself: could she have prevented the accident? Will running away to a remote Welsh village help her escape her torment or will her past catch up with her and ruin any chance she has of finding some peace and happiness?

This debut novel tries to tackle too much. The characters were bland (and Jenna was particularly annoying) and underdeveloped. The detective in charge of the case was probably the most interesting, and I was quite glad to get to ‘his’ chapters. There were also a number of loose threads, and I found myself thinking at the end, ‘Oh, is that it?.

Not a very satisfying read, unfortunately. There’s no doubt the author has some promise, but with this novel, I felt she ran before she could walk.

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