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Tuesday 5 July 2016

A Very Distant Affair by Faith Mortimer

Mortimer’s books are like a reassuring comfort blanket. You have reassurance that you’re going to have a cosy, satisfying and thoroughly delightful read. This is number four in the ‘A Very...Affair’ series and stands proudly amongst the rest.

It’s true what they say about money. It doesn’t always bring you happiness. It certainly didn’t bring Cheryl Taylor happiness. Success, yes, fame, yes, a luxury lifestyle, yes. But for talented artist, Cheryl, certainly not the contentment she imagined would accompany all those things. As a struggling artist in her early twenties, Dan Taylor saw a glittering future for her. So he married her and managed her and her success. And therein lay the problem. When did the management become control? When did Dan last look at Cheryl as a woman, a mother, a wife? These are questions that buffet around in Cheryl’s head when she meets Michel, an Australian-French hotelier from Australia. And when she visits him in Australia, these same questions gradually get answered. Just when her future is suddenly looking very clear, a bombshell from Dan rocks her world, and she has to decide whether to follow her head or her heart.

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