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Thursday 21 April 2016

A Sudden Gust of Gravity by Laurie Boris


I don’t hesitate for one single nano-second when it comes to a new novel by Laurie Boris. And I start it with lip-licking relish and always finish it with a satisfied ‘Wow, that was good’. And this certainly did deserve a ‘Wow, that was excellent’. 

I’ve never read a book set in the world of abracadabra, so I found this rather unique.

Christina Davenport’s obsession with magic….and becoming a respected magician…is hardly surprising when her magician father nurtured her interest. But it’s a man’s world. So, when the opportunity to become a street magician’s assistant arises, she jumps at the chance, despite Reynaldo the Magnificent being a smug and arrogant (albeit rather irresistible) so and so. However, she works hard to please, but more importantly to learn and gain confidence…which doesn’t come without a few bumps and bruises when you’re perfecting your juggling and disappearing techniques. Bruises which do not escape one particular member of the street audience, Dr Devon Park, who becomes mesmerised not just by those rather worrying bruises but also by their owner: a petite, attractive assistant.

An unlikely tug-of-war for the affections of a pretty girl ensues. Who’s going to be the victor? The confident, brash, good-looking, cocky and resolute Reynaldo, who wants to win, whatever it takes, or the gentle, caring, kind, slightly baggage-laden doctor with some demons he needs to lay to rest.

Boris can turn her hand as adeptly to a tale of romantic suspense as she can to one of humour (The Joke’s on Me) or heart-wrenching poignancy (Drawing Breath). Meticulously researched, set in the fascinating world of magic, with engaging characters and brilliantly written.

Yes. Boris certainly has pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this one.

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