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Monday 28 March 2016

Palomino Sky by Jan Ruth


Palomino Sky is the sequel to Midnight Sky. Having enjoyed that immensely, I was really looking forward to catching up with James and Laura…and their families and exes and…woes.

There’s always a smidgen of apprehension with a sequel, be it of a book or film. Will it be as good? Will it spoil the memory of the first book/film? 

Well, I can tell you that if it’s got Jan Ruth’s name on it, you need not worry. Palomino Sky is every bit as good as its predecessor. 

James and Laura’s relationship continues to be dogged by problems. The memory of James’ deceased wife still continues to haunt him, and therefore their future. Laura’s ex’s (Simon) wife is still hampering the closure of Laura and Simon's past relationship. Laura is still having difficult adapting to a rural lifestyle. Laura’s sister still has a difficult teenager. Only now, ‘difficult’ has a serious impact on the future of James and Laura’s happiness. 

As always, Ruth draws you into the embrace of her characters: they’re tangible, credible. You feel their vulnerability, their anguish, frustration. You can laugh with them and cry with them. You’re there with them. You almost believe that if you were to reach out, you’d be able to touch them.

A well-rounded story and an absorbing read. If you enjoyed Midnight Sky, you won’t be disappointed.

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