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Monday 7 December 2015

Mondo Bohemiano by Quentin J. Parker

This was rather quirky. A little slow to get off the ground and when it did, it really only ambled along at a rather unhurried pace, BUT it was rather addictive. For a start, who can resist a main character called Nigel Q. Bunnytail?

So, who is he? Well, as we are reminded quite frequently, he’s a ‘big Bohemian’, who can’t shake off his mantle of doom and gloom after losing the love of his life. There’s only one thing to do: to leave his lifelong friends and rather mundane life in Philadelphia and relocate to Spokane, where the rather unusual Sigrid awaits him. And after the reader meets her, s/he's left wondering whether he has jumped out of the frying pan straight into the fire.

There’s quirkiness just about everywhere you turn: in the writing, which is really very good, the way our Nigel dresses, his friends, their lives, Nigel’s view of life, his Spokane work colleagues and, of course, Sigrid. 

It’s funny, witty, light-hearted, colourful and very memorable. The cast and crew of this quick-to-read tale conjure up a very bright and vibrant cinematic image. 

An enjoyable debut novel.

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