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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Burning Through by Melissa Bowersock


I love Melissa’s books. Her stories tiptoe into the paranormal; they don't burst in with a fanfare. There you are, ambling along, happily engrossed in her solid, credible characters and all of sudden you’ve stepped seamlessly into a tale of the unexpected. Brilliant.

Jennifer and her husband, Robert, move to a Victorian house in a new town: an enforced relocation because of Robert’s ‘sideways’ shift by his employers, making him rather disgruntled. It’s the perfect house for Jennifer who has a passion for renovating old furniture. However, their promising new start is tainted by fires, which seem to start quite unexpectedly. And there’s this ghost… Robert, who is short-tempered, disillusioned by his new position and afraid of being burnt to death, has no desire to hang around and is adamant they have to move; but Jen is more tolerant and inquisitive. She’s much more interested in finding out who the ghost is and why it is starting fires. Their differing attitudes to their new situation is threatening their marriage. Thank goodness for that nice, understanding, fire captain…

Ms Bowersock draws you into her characters; so much so that I was rather gutted when the book came to an end. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a perfectly structured plot. I’m just greedy…I wanted more!

This is a gripping book that will have you planning a couple of sittings to finish it. Since this is the third MB book I've read, you can safely assume I’m a fan.

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  1. Thanks so much! Nothing better for an author than a reader who really appreciates a story!

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  3. Oh, this book sounds interesting.