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Monday 22 December 2014

If Love is a Crime: A Christmas Story by Mark W. Sasse

This is a very short Christmas story…one you can read on the train or bus on your way to work. And if you’re sitting there on your journey with that Monday morning feeling, this will give you a cosy little glow and brighten your day.

Beatrice is a widow living alone in a small cabin in the woods. As she ‘chats’ to her deceased husband and sends prayers for her daughter to be kept safe, her wintry Christmas Eve is interrupted when a runaway slavegirl (it’s the mid nineteenth century), desperate for food, warmth…and love…finds herself at Beatrice’s door. When a sheriff, seeking the young girl, calls to ask if Beatrice has seen her, it’s up to Beatrice to spread Christmas cheer, love and goodwill…to all.

Mark Sasse is a very accomplished writer, and I’ve read two of his books so far.  He shows no less skill in writing a short story. This is a story of compassion sprinkled with Christmas kindness and tolerance, and it's a charming hour well spent with Beatrice.

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