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Monday 25 August 2014

Night Undone by K. S. Brooks

After my very enjoyable encounter with Kathrin Night in Kiss of Night, I wasted absolutely no time in leaping into this book. Kathrin’s one of those very likeable, spunky, knows-her-own-mind, but not totally impenetrable characters you just love.

Kathrin’s retirement from her adventure-filled life as a spy just isn’t going well, despite living with Mr Gorgeousness, Alexsey. She just can’t abandon herself to domesticity and lovey-doveyness. Alexsey thinks she needs therapy: a sort of post-espionage-trauma thing. Both the therapist and Alexsey underestimate Kathrin’s resilience and stubbornness. Alexsey and Kathrin are each presented with an opportunity from different quarters: Alexsey receives an attractive offer from his homeland, Russia, and Kathrin sees an opportunity to keep her finger dipped in what she loves doing most (espionage) and to combine it with a display of her love and devotion to the man she adores. But secrecy and deception, albeit well intentioned, is never a good thing, and she’s in danger of not only ruining a perfect relationship, but putting lives at risk, too.

I can’t praise this much more than I did for Kiss of Night. Brooks just knows how to keep you glued to the pages. This really is a very cleverly disguised love story. More snippets from Kathrin’s background are peppered throughout, the shroud of her former life over the love interest adds excitement, and there’s just the right amount of character emotion to make you care.

I’m Night-obsessed.