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Thursday 17 July 2014

Postcards from Mr Pish (Volume 4 - South and West Edition) by K. S. Brooks

How adorable was this little tome! History and geography were never my favourite subjects at school. But when you get snippets of historical and geographical facts in a book, taught to you by the cutest little terrier with one floppy ear and one very perky one, how can you fail to be interested?

This is No. 4 of Mr Pish’s adventures. He’s travelling through southern and western USA, stopping off at various places to take a few snapshots, absorb some fascinating facts and being kind enough to send us postcards. No, not to say ‘Wish you were here’ but to tell us how he’s getting on, what he’s seen and what he’s learnt.

It’s a delightful way to find out about the main highlights of the towns and countryside. The text is clear, concise and entertaining, exudes enthusiasm and is accompanied by some superb photos and a little map so that you know exactly where the little chap is.

Designed mainly as an educational learning tool for young children, the Mr Pish Postcard series cannot fail to capture the hearts, not just of those youngsters, but also oldies such as myself.

Utterly enchanting.

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