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Sunday 1 June 2014

Curses the Witch's Cat - Halloween Party by Frances Ermengarde


This is a lovely little story for children about Curses the cat. He wants to be just like his mum and dad and be a witch’s cat. But a witch’s cat has to be pure black, and Curses has a little white patch on his chest. He is devastated. It’s all he’s ever wanted to do. Benny the bluebird, however, has a very cunning plan…

The author has not only written this, he illustrated it as well. The illustrations are charming and colourful (this is a book best viewed on a coloured ereader or laptop or tablet rather than the black-and-white Kindle), and Curses is a very appealing little kitten, who will delight his young readers. And…there’s a very important little lesson to be learnt in this tale.

If your child/grandchild can’t yet read, you’ll probably enjoy reading it to him/her as much as s/he will enjoy listening to and looking at the eye-catching illustrations.  Fun for everyone!

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