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Thursday 20 March 2014

The Monitor by Cathy Vasas-Brown


If ever a book was to be put into the ‘couldn’t put it down’ category, then this one would leap in and soar to the top of the list. I read this book very shortly after reading Cathy’s Safe As Churches, a book that left me wanting much, much more from this author. It’s always with just a smidgen of apprehension that you start a second book by an author: will it captivate me as much as the first? Will it keep me glued to the screen to the end? Will it be as good? Yes, yes, and yes are the answers.

It’s a dark story: a forum of people with suicidal tendencies share their feelings of hopelessness and despair and their willingness to ‘catch the bus’the ‘final’ bus. Their facilitator is The Monitor who promises to understand and enable the end. However, when Lieutenant Carolyn Latham witnesses the after-scenes of the group suicides, her police intuition tells her something isn’t quite right.

Although not a sequel to Safe As Churches, this book does, however, re-feature Carolyn Latham as the policewoman on whose shoulders it falls to solve an extraordinary case. Although she was familiar to me, having read a previous ‘adventure’, it’s not difficult to like this police officer: dedicated, focused, impassioned, and hellbent on justice at any cost.

Vasas-Brown is a simply outstanding writer. This book is über-compelling and keeps you spellbound and guessing to the very, very end. I really can’t wait for the next book.

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  1. Hopefully not too long a wait, Cathy. Thanks for the kind words; The Monitor was loads of fun to write, even the really nasty bits, and I don't know what that says about me ...