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Monday 3 February 2014

Scrawling by Jonathan Gould

I wish, I wish, I wish Jonathan Gould would write a book a week. Well, that’s a tall order…perhaps a month. His writing is like an addictive drug. 

Scrawling is the third time we catch up with Neville Lansdowne, who has already found himself falling off the world (Doodling) and pushing it out of shape (Scribbling). Only now, he’s drowning. In a sea of words. Neville bumps into a variety of undersea-of-words characters, and once again, he is called upon to save the day.

Jonathan never fails to delight, enthrall and captivate with his incredible and clever imagination and creativity. 

This story is witty and sharp, but also satirical; satire is something Jonathan does particularly well. I guarantee this third outing with Neville will amuse, entertain and charm you, and like me, you’ll be fidgeting in anticipation of his next book.

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