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Wednesday 1 January 2014

So...I met an Alien by Paul McAvoy

This is the second of Paul’s books I have read (So…I met a Ghost). 

It’s a fun story about a young teenage schoolboy, Danny, who bunks off school to escape incessant bullying. Whilst playing truant, he bumps into an alien…as you do. Danny’s day of truancy turns out to be quite an extraordinary one. Spiro, the alien, turns out to be a decent sort of...well, alien, but he’s being pursued by some not-so-decent men in dark suits. Danny enlists the help of his best friend, Sean, and Sean's sister to ensure these men don’t catch up with Spiro and to make sure he gets back to his own people.

Danny’s unrequited love for Sean’s sister and a tragic family loss make for a sometimes poignant story with some topical and important issues: school bullying and single-parent families. And Danny is a decent character with the ability to see the best in people. But there’s action, too, as Spiro’s pursuers are never far behind.

The writing is a little raw and unrefined and the dialogue sometimes stilted, but it’s a heart-warming story, which has a well-earned place in the YA category.

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