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Monday 9 December 2013

Inside Job by John Morris


A promising story: Martin, a young, successful, city man, kicks off his weekend on a Friday night by inviting a young woman, Louise, back to his place after meeting her in a bar. It seems to have all gone horribly wrong when he is greeted by a bloody scene in his kitchen the next morning and a very dead Louise. Panic and fear drive him to pack a suitcase and leave for a destination as far away as possible—South Africa. The flight not only gives him distance from the tragedy, but another female interest in the form of Natasha. Things pan out for a short while for Martin until the law catches up with him. The law and someone else far more fearsome than any detective…

Alas, the writing lets down the potential of the plot for a number of reasons: poor grammar, poor punctuation, all telling and no showing, inconsistencies, and flat, bland, undeveloped characters, who lacked any oomph or likeability. Such a shame, because this has thriller quality and plenty of good material for a captivating read. With some developmental editing, along with some good copy-editing and proofreading, this will be a good book. At the moment, it’s just a tad raw and needs a bit of TLC.

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it because I anticipated a climactic end, and I wasn’t disappointed. Despite what lets it down, it was compelling, and I did turn the last page with a modicum of satisfaction.

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