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Monday 24 June 2013

The Wild Side of Alaska by Donna Morang

If you’ve read Big Backpack - Little World, you’ll know that very little fazes this plucky author. And when you read The Wild Side of Alaska, you will realise that her training to endure the harshest, strangest, or most elementary conditions started when she was a young woman.

Donna started shooting and hunting at a tender age, and her love for both became a passion. When she and her husband realised their dream of living in Alaska, her hobby became a necessity to eat and to protect herself. This young couple (later with a baby daughter) experienced isolation, survived with the barest of essentials, and came within a hair's breadth of becoming dinner themselves. Donna became resourceful, brave, tolerant, and patient. But she was also rewarded by some beautiful scenery, some stunning and touching acts of nature and being a keen angler too, some wonderful fishing.

Her experiences make compelling reading. When Donna laughs, cries, gets annoyed, exasperated or scared, frustrated, happy, exhilarated, you’re right there with her. Above all, your awe for her tough-cookieness simply grows. Being in the path of a very ticked-off grizzly bear or being submerged beneath a boat in cold, dark water, far from putting her off just make her go back for more. She just doesn’t stop amazing you.

Written with passion, sincerity, and humour and in a way that makes you think she's having a private chat just with you, you’ll love reading about Donna’s adventures as she fondly remembers the Alaska of forty years ago.

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