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Sunday 5 May 2013

Alpha and Omega - A Short Story by Caleb Stephens

I enjoyed this short sci-fi story. Peter’s life isn’t exceptional: he has a job, a wife (an unhappy one), an empty marriage, two children, and a 'bit on the side'. After a car accident from which he emerges uncannily unscathed, his life seems extraordinarily opposite. He adores his wife, and he uncharacteristically throws himself into being a hands-on dad. Life would be just peachy if only he didn’t have disturbing dreams and didn’t feel like he was observing his life, rather than actually living it. 

This was well constructed. Time is of the essence with a short story: you don’t have long to develop both character and plot, every word has to count and there should be an ending. Alpha and Omega delivers on all fronts, though the ending is very neatly enigmatic: it finishes the story, but on the other hand, there’s hint there could be more. 

A very enjoyable forty-five minute read.

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