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Friday 19 April 2013

Childhunt by Faith Mortimer


Poor Diana Rivers, our amateur sleuth extraordinaire; Faith doesn’t allow her to lead an uneventful life for very long! 

In this story, she finds herself in danger once again, in pursuit of a heinous criminal. And I think this is Faith’s finest Diana Rivers’ mystery yet. It’s compelling, fast-paced and gritty. 

Christmas is approaching, and Agios Mamas, in Cyprus, is having some unusually cold and snowy weather. Diana, her husband, Steve, and their toddler daughter are looking forward to bringing an English flavour to the village festivities. When her quiet and reserved neighbours’ young children go missing, secrets, fears and tragedies are revealed, and the hunt is on for two small children lost in cold, inclement weather. They have to be found before the elements overcome them, or worse, their abductor carries out his plans for them. 

Faith paints a perfect, suspenseful and chilling scene: her in-depth knowledge of Cyprus, its weather, its customs and its people authenticates the setting of her latest novel. With her usual flair, she uses what she knows best to dramatic effect; the tension and suspense will have you reading this book in one sitting and certainly hoping that Faith doesn’t give Diana too long a rest before she’s solving yet another murder!

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