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Tuesday 26 February 2013

White Lilies in Autumn by Dustin Bradshaw


If ever there was a story that was both heartbreaking (and I mean truly heartbreaking) yet inspirational at the same time, then this is it. This is a true story of Dustin and his wife, Lady Hiva. 

Dustin and Hiva were newly-weds when they lost their prematurely born baby. It’s a tragic loss for any prospective parent, and as Dustin gives us an account of the heartbreaking days leading to and those following the tragedy, he reflects on his childhood and upbringing and how it shaped his faith, his attitude, and belief in goodness. Although a horrendous childhood accident is one of the first incidents that serve to ‘mould’ him, he cannot have known then that the future loss of his child was but just the start of further heartbreak. 

This is not a book you can read without a box or two of Kleenex by your side; I lost count of the number of times the words ‘Oh, my God’ passed through my mind. But it is the powerful and enduring strength of these two wonderful people that moves you most: not only is it evident that a loving, close family and happy childhood has shaped Dustin into the caring, honest, and patient man he is, but also that his very committed religious beliefs have helped him through his grief and suffering to come out of it with everlasting hope. My own lack of any religious faith only made it harder for me to understand how two people can maintain theirs in the face of such intolerable grief, but it's what makes these memoirs all the more emotive and heartrending (and be warned, there are some harrowing incidents; I almost had to stop reading after one involving a horse). 

My heartfelt admiration goes out to the writer and his wife. The pain and distress of this couple's tragedy was bad enough, let alone reliving it all during the writing process. 

This is a compelling story of trust, love, faith, and hope that will touch you and leave you breathless. Everyone should read it. 

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  1. I am not one that read books, but was interested in reading Dustins book "White Lilies in Autumn" cause I was a part of his life when he was growing up. I totally enjoyed his book, I laughed and I cried. I remember a lot of stories he told and it was fun to hear his version on it. This book is one that you never want to put down and you defiantly need a box of Kleenex. Dustin shows his strength and determination to continue to be strong and lean on the Lord for guidance throughout this book. I was impressed and enjoyed reading his book.