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Wednesday 23 January 2013

Parable by S. A. Williams

This is a short story about a teenager, Sam, with an abusive parent. Seventeen is no age to have to deal with the fall-out, so thank heavens for his best friend, Jen, or J. C., wise beyond her years, who tells ‘stories’ (which may or may not be true…but what does it matter, it’s the final analysis that’s the important part) that play a role in helping him decide the sensible path to take. 

This was essentially an enjoyable short; one could say it had a moral. My only concern was that the characters were too big for the length of the story. Sam and his siblings’ family background was explosive enough and needed more air time; intelligent J. C. and her words of wisdom and their effect needed more space. And although, their friend, Owen, made a brief appearance, it was enough to make me want to know more about him. In other words, there’s a full length novel bursting to get out of this little package. 

The writing lacked clarity a little, but it’s promising and has a future.

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