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Sunday 13 January 2013

Diary of a Skinny Mailman by Eugene Gentry


Eugene was a mailman for pretty much most of his working life until he retired. Such a job, as most mailmen can verify, is eventful, sometimes dangerous, but also rewarding and memorable. 

Eugene carefully made a note of the dates of the more unusual experiences of his working days and grouped together those times he was bitten by a dog, or helped a mail recipient or had to cope with extreme weather conditions…even death…to share his memories. 

This is a quick read and, in essence, fun to read about real-life experiences. Unfortunately, the entertainment was lost in the delivery: the events were related in diary format…on the days on which they occurred, but it would have been good to know what year, as Eugene’s career covered thirty-five dedicated years. The narrative was a little bland and considerably error-ridden. 

I feel there is definitely a future for these little anecdotes, and I do hope our retired mailman, now in his eighties, finds a good editor to shape it into something it deserves.

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