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Saturday 13 October 2012

Border Collie Christmas by Nancy Warren


I’m sure there are few women out there who don’t like to sit down for half an hour with a warm and mushy little romance, especially if it features the cutist little puppy (who, don’t worry, doesn’t have a tragic demise!).

If there’s a dog involved, I’m a sucker for any story if its main character is four-legged, wet-nosed, and waggy-tailed.  And this doesn’t disappoint.  When a little Border Collie puppy ends up, wet, hungry, and very sorry for himself on Erin’s doorstep (who herself is unhappy and miserable), little does he know that he’s going to change not only her life, but that of a little five-year-old girl and her good-looking (this is a romance novella, of course he is!) father.

I liked Nancy’s style—her writing is tinged with humour, she injects emotion and feelgood into the story and you turn (click!) the last page with a satisfied ‘awww’.  Lovely.

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