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Sunday 30 September 2012

Furniture, Fate & Fellas (JigsUp - One for the Road) by Alan Jordan


This was rather bizarre. It was very short, and I felt a bit airborne without a parachute at the end, frantically tapping my Kindle screen trying to find the missing pages!

The hook on Amazon actually fills in some of the missing details of the story. In fact, it bears absolutely no resemblance to the content of the book, the latter 25% of which is promotional material (and there are only 31 pages).

It was a rather random story involving a retired Lieutenant Commander with some Navy Seal training—useful, as it turns out; debt collectors, a coincidental meeting with the mother of a teenage-hood girlfriend who has just jilted her husband-to-be and who reluctantly goes to a fortune-teller, dragged along by her friend because she had two-for-one-tickets. Yep, a bogov fortune-teller. Confused? Yes, so was I. ‘Random’ is probably the keyword here.  There was little continuity, but lots of head-scratching on my part. 

However, the story is actually a good plot outline for a full-length novel.  I wonder if that’s what I read?  Just the outline?

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