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Sunday 16 September 2012

Fun Fish Facts for Kids (Science and Nature for Young Readers) by Monika Mira


This is my second dip into the ocean with Monika.  And it was just as invigorating and refreshing as the first!

Monika has written these short books for children, but this adult enjoyed it very much.  Short, concise, and intelligible, in just 45 pages I learnt, amongst other things, how many species of fish there are, how one measures the speed of a fish, that parrotfish can make sand (you’ll love that one) and that male sea horses give birth.  These fascinating facts are explained clearly and are accompanied by beautiful, stunning photographs, along with a diagram of a fish’s anatomy and a glossary of fishy terms. 

Less fun, but very importantly, there are hints and tips of what we can do, as responsible human beings, to help prevent extinction of some of our marine wonders. 

This book teaches youngsters about the beauties at the bottom of the sea and educates them about the importance of its preservation—knowledge that hopefully they can pass on to their own children.

Monika has created a perfect, informative, instructive, and enlightening way to learn. 

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