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Tuesday 14 August 2012

Hawaii's Green Sea Turtles (Science and Nature for Young Readers} by Monika Mira

What a nice change in my reading schedule!

This is an informative book for school-aged children about Green Sea Turtles. Monika is well qualified to teach us—not only is she an avid conservationist, she is also a qualified marine scientist. She has prepared a well-laid out book which I’m sure is guaranteed to capture the attention of any child (or adult) who likes the sea and sea creatures, or who may perhaps be starting to become aware of endangered species of marine life.

Each page is graced with beautiful colour photographs (this book is best viewed on a colour ereader) of these fascinating creatures, accompanied by brief explanations, which are clear and intelligible—neither too elementary nor too complex—something any youngster will comprehend. 

In this book, we learn what sea turtles eat, how long they live, how they mate, about the threats to their existence, where you can see them, and simple ways in which everyone can help to preserve and protect them. There is a very handy list at the end of 'turtle lingo'—a useful little compendium of terms used to describe aspects of turtles and their lives.

I knew very little about the subject—most of my limited knowledge has come from watching David Attenborough’s TV programmes, but now I know a little more from this concise but enlightening little reference book.

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the dwindling numbers of creatures in the animal and sea world, and books like this are a wonderful way of not only teaching us about them, but reminding us of the importance of the endeavour to protect them.

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