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Friday 15 June 2012

The Seeds of Time - Book 1 of The Crossing by Faith Mortimer

Isn’t it comforting to pick up a book by a favourite author and have confidence that you are going to enjoy their book? Faith is one such author. My confidence is always justified.

This was a departure from her other books I’ve read, which feature her glamorous amateur sleuth, Diana Rivers. This was quite, quite different and represents the diversity of talent Faith has. 

The book is set partly in the present around a keen yachtsman and his wife, who fulfil a long-held desire to cross the Atlantic. This doesn’t end too well. While Richard contemplates the events of the unfortunate crossing in the following months, two women stumble into his life and reawaken memories of his own father, Billy, and his life during WW2 and with whom Richard shares a love of the sea. We then go back and follow Billy during the latter war years, who, after leaving the pretty little love of his life in the English countryside, finds himself in the relentlessly harsh, cruel, and despicable conditions of POW camps, making desperate and determined efforts to survive. 

This is a story of romance, bravery, determination, survival, heartbreak and joy, all poignantly and convincingly conveyed. Richard’s compelling desire to discover the horror of his reticent father’s experiences bring with it regrets and touching recollections of his relationship with him. All perfectly blended, well balanced and served up with Faith’s usual clarity. There is a clue in the title—Book 1 indicates there’s a Book 2—and there’s a gentle little teaser to tempt you on. 

I always seem to end my reviews on Faith’s books identically, but I have to say it once more. Another excellent book; well done again, Faith.

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